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Leading indicators!

June 11, 2012

For those of you who don’t know me…I’m a recovering run-a-holic. I got bit by the running bug in 2010 and went ALL-IN on running. Because of my type-A personality, I injured myself last fall. I knew what NOT to do and did it anyways. Real smart. Either way, my desire to run a lot and run fast knocked me out of running for almost seven months. I just started back two weeks ago. My four miles now, feels like my 26 miles last fall! Amazing how quickly one loses ability to run and run far.

So, I’m trying to get back into the sport and at a disciplined pace. I set my alarm this morning for 5:30. That’s very early for me. I’m a 7:15 guy. Well, 5:30 came and I hopped out of bed, had a great run and am thankful for making the decision to do so.

Here’s where Captain Obvious steps in…if I get out of bed, I’ll run. 🙂 If I don’t, I won’t. It’s that simple. That’s my leading indicator for results!

Transition to business, personal, spiritual or any other aspect of your life. If there’s a goal that you want to achieve, what are the leading indicators for you? What is the first thing that must happen for those results to occur? I hope you’ll think about them and execute on what you need to! Best wishes for an awesome week. Happy Monday!

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