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The Importance of Building Community

September 3, 2012

Dailey ReadThe Importance of Building “Community”

We have all heard success stories about growth by “word of mouth”, but it is important to understand the impact that building community can have on our business.  Photojojo has found success just this way.  A company who is devoted  to providing tools and techniques to do-it-yourself photographers through on-line forums, tutorials, sharing of tips and techniques, and an on-line store for hard to find photography  gear has found great success and growth by focusing on building community and relationships rather than making the sale.  Owner and Founder Amit Gupta, believes while making a sale is great “we think it’s even better if you instead subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on one of our social networks”.

Photojojo uses several techniques that are transferrable to any business using social media:

  1. Offer a newsletter, blog or other form of media that a customer can subscribe to for helpful tips, advice or comments.
  2. Make sure you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, etc. links on your blog site for visitors to share with their friends or associates. This is a powerful tool for attracting new customers!
  3. Create your own site, rather than using Facebook as your homepage.  It will give you better control on the look and feel of your site to help you stand out.  Instead integrate the social media site apps into your site (see #2).

The idea is to plant a seed  and give your customer more than just a product.  Your customer base will grow and continue to return time and time again.

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