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4 Traits of Incredibly Effective Delegators

September 4, 2012

Daily ReadIncredibly Effective Delegation

Any effective manager knows the key to freeing up their time to reach out to customers, grow personally and work the business from a higher level is to delegate, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.  The urge to micromanage can be strong! However, effective delegation allows your employees to develop, grow, become more motivated and creative.  Here are a few key ideas to successfully (and comfortably) delegate:

  • Establish checkpoints.  When given the responsibility and trust to head a project, most employees will thrive.  The need for management to know how projects are advancing is still present.  Rather than constantly asking, have employees report their progress at regular intervals.
  •  Ask a lot of questions.  Resist the temptation to give detailed instructions, instead ask how the employee thinks a certain job or situation should be handled.  This empowers  them with confidence and opens up dialogue for them to better understand the task.
  •  Make yourself a resource.  Be a support system as a sounding board for employees to bounce ideas off or simply as another opinion.
  • Own your mistakes. We are all human and letting your employees know you make mistakes too, allows them to be more comfortable coming to you if they make one also.  What’s important is helping them handle the mistakes responsibly.

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