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Are You Valuable?

September 5, 2012

Daily Read – Are You Valuable?

One of the fundamentals of sales is actually possessing value – to both your customers and your company.  You want your actions to “scream value” without you needing to say anything.  This is where you derive true economic and job security.  Your sales’ value is comprised of two main focusses:

External (with your prospects/customers) by how well you and your product meet their perceived needs and by the level with which your prospects/customers enjoy working with you.

Internal (within your company) by meeting and exceeding activity and sales goals (dollars/units), your team contribution (are you helpful, inspiring, etc.) and your level of expertise on your product and industry.

But how do you measure your value?  Ask yourself these four simple questions:

Do your actions…

1. Create a positive buzz about you and your work?

2. Make others want you as a part of their team?

3. Make your employer cringe at the thought of losing you to a competitor?

4. Make your customers excited about referring you to their colleagues?

If you answered no to any of the questions, create an action plan and spend time over the next month working on that specific area. At the end of each month review the 4 questions to strive to maintain or improve your value.

Read full article by Sam Parker (being Sales Tough)


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