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Get More Stuff Done!

September 7, 2012

Daily PostGet More Done!

Technology has made such a positive impact on our business environment that sometimes we fail to see the negative impact in can have on us.  Whether it’s following Twitter, posting on Facebook or your blog, responding to emails or texting, it is easy to be distracted to the point of diminishing your productivity.  Here are 6 tips to help you get back on track to getting more done:

  1. Do the Worst First – quite simply, attack the most brain intensive or difficult tasks first and early in the day.
  2. Break Projects into Chunks – break large, ongoing projects into small pieces with deadlines for completing each.
  3. Pay Attention – put down your phone/laptop during meetings and conference calls; don’t just go through the motions of “being there” – engage.
  4. The Inbox Can Wait – although responsiveness is critical, don’t let the non-stop influx of email distract you.  Dedicate 60-90 minutes of communication free time to work.
  5. Write Everything Down – immediately write down ideas or to-do’s as they pop in your mind.
  6. Take Breaks – often overlooked but very important.  Take time for yourself, doing something you enjoy – reading, a hobby or time with family, so you can be recharged to tackle your list again tomorrow.

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