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Do People Want to Follow You?

September 10, 2012

Daily Reads – Do People Want to Follow You?

You’ve met them. Leaders who make you feel good – not for anything you’ve done, but simply because they have the ability to inspire, motivate and make employees feel better about themselves.

Here’s what they do differently –

  1. They quietly pick up trash.  Great leaders do what they do simply because it’s important to them.  From picking up trash on the office floor to picking up Executives for a meeting. They care about the go, not the show.  Show lasts minutes. Go lasts a lifetime.
  2. They allow employees to focus on their strengths. Great leaders develop their employees, but they do it in ways that allow their employees to still feel they’re successful, at least most of the time.
  3. They go back for their own notes. Accountability starts with you; and it starts with the smallest of things.  If you forget your notes, go back and get yourself.
  4. They shy away from the spotlights.  They understand that their success is based on hiring great employees and turning them loose to do what they do best.
  5. They jump on grenades. When something goes wrong, great leaders don’t use the “we”. They take full responsibility and publicly use “I”. Then they use “I” again when they say to their employees, “I really need your help.” That creates a “we” with meaning.

Excerpts taken from 5 Underrated Traits of Great Leaders by Jeff Haden


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