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Are You Using Social Media to Show Off?

September 12, 2012

Daily Reads Are You Using Social Media to “Show Off?”

It’s no secret that images capture your attention more quickly than print. Look at the wildly, tremendous success of Pinterest and Facebook’s (newly purchased) Instagram and it makes you wonder what you should be doing differently to add pictures, videos and graphics to your social media strategy.  The key to using visual-based content is to keep it simple.

It’s easy to show off a product with pictures, but for service oriented businesses you’ll need to be creative and take lifestyle photos or videos to help your audience connect with your service. Post pictures of your staff so on-line customers can put “a face to a name” which helps build customer relationships. Try to keep it light by sharing fun, interesting facts or stories about employees so your customers can feel a connection.

You don’t need to buy super fancy equipment, but do make sure you use good quality close up pictures taken with bright or natural lighting. When posting your images make sure to use relevant text associated with each one.

Remember, in today’s visual world, if you want someone to buy, don’t simply tell them about your product or service – show them!

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