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Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

September 13, 2012

Daily ReadsGet Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone will help us learn to embrace discomfort and to handle it with appropriate decisions.  The better equipped we are to evaluate risky choices the less tempted we will be to resist innovation and entrepreneurship, the very traits we are trying to develop in ourselves and our staff. While there is a multitude of ways to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, ultimately we want to exercise strategies that will also develop skills that directly apply to our business.

Switch places with your receptionist – you will get yourself outside of the safe box of your office and will be exposed to countless people that you would not normally talk to.  Simple conversations can spur great ideas. You can also open yourself up to scrutiny through a forum where customers can post their opinions or ask questions.  Focus on the trend of themes that might offer insight as opposed to individual detailed criticism. Viewing other companies marketing campaigns on-line via YouTube or trending posts on Twitter can also help open your eyes to new ideas.

Whatever avenues you choose to learn to step out, make sure to step out of your comfort zone often and you will begin to redefine comfort.

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