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Does Practice Make Perfect?

September 16, 2012

Daily ReadsDoes Practice Make Perfect?

We were raised believing practice makes perfect, but just going through the motions of practice often provides only slight improvement. Daniel Coyle, author of The Little Book of Talent (a cool little book) developed a method that follows a simple process called R.E.P.S. Whether you are trying to improve your golf game or practicing a new sales pitch, Coyle’s method is an extremely effective tool. Here is a brief look:

R: Reaching and Repeating – Practice should require you to operate at the edge of your abilities.  You need to consistently reach and constantly repeat. The idea is to reach over and over again.

E: Engagement – Practice must command your attention and make you feel like you’re striving for a goal.  Be emotionally engaged in the results.

P: Purposefulness – Practice must directly connect to the skill you want to build. For instance, if you are practicing a sales pitch or speech, practicing in front of people is much more effective than solo.

S: Strong, Speedy Feedback – Immediate feedback and correction is key when you are in the flow and your brain is focused. Modify your swing or speech will be easier if it’s immediate.

Practice doesn’t make perfect, but the right kind of practice can definitely make us a lot better!

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