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Find your strengths and you can flourish!

September 20, 2012

Daily ReadFind your strengths and you can flourish!

Our strengths are ultimately the keys to our success so it is only logical that we would want to develop and strengthen them. But how do you work on strengthening your talents when you aren’t even sure what you’re really good at? Here are 4 simple tips to help you identify your core strengths:

  1. Watch for signs of excitement. When you engage in an activity you are truly good at, your excitement is visible. You will feel alive and motivated.
  2. Break away from job titles. To uncover your gifts, explore new roles and encourage flexibility for others try new roles as well. Eventually you can assign roles based on strengths, rather than job titles.
  3. Notice what you do differently than everyone else. When you are truly using your strengths, you will stand out from a crowd. Your approach will be unique.
  4. Describe your strengths creatively. Avoid everyday terminology when identifying your strengths. Instead, come up with unique terms like storyteller, autonomy supporter, investigator, energy incubator to help you embrace your talents.

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