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Sticks and Stones

September 21, 2012

Daily Read –Does your choice of words really matter?

Whoever came up with the rhyme “sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me”, never took a psychology class.  Over time we have learned that words can build someone up or tear someone down.  Words are very powerful. This holds true in the business world too. Words can help create success but they can also lead to failure.  Here are is a surprising list of every day words that could be leading you down the wrong path.

  1. Luck – although it’s true unforeseen events can affect outcomes, believing in luck focuses your thoughts on imaginary construct. What’s worse is luck is an excuse for failure and devalues your successes.
  2. Enemies – it’s true we have competitors, but this is business not war. And it’s important to remember today’s competitors could be tomorrow’s partner.
  3. Rejection – the word alone can make you miserable, so instead of thinking of a sale lost to a competitor as rejection, focus on the true fact that the customers’ desires didn’t match yours. Make necessary changes to your product or approach, or move on.
  4. Hate – let’s face it, this is just a mean word to use about anything or anyone. You don’t have to like everyone or every situation, but find something good or positive about it.
  5. But – this word has the uncanny ability to stop a great idea in its tracks. It’s discouraging. Instead, try to use the word ‘and’ which can actually have the opposite affect; motivation.

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