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Is Boring Better?

September 23, 2012

Daily ReadIs boring better?

Are you a spontaneous, let things happen as they will each day, type person or is your day pretty planned out from what you’ll eat for lunch to when you’ll hit the gym? Is one approach better for productivity? Maintaining a strict routine of habit is said to conserve your decision-making faculties for the truly important aspects of your day.  On the other hand, being spontaneous and consciously disrupting your routine, pushes you out of your comfort zone and can generate more innovative ideas. So, maybe both views are productive.  The boring routine approach is aimed at maximizing mental energy for tough decision while the opposite is more concerned with pushing the brain to be creative and see the world new each day.  You probably need your brain for both decision making and idea generation. So how do you find the balance between routine and sudden changes in your day?

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