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Competition…the Key to Excellence

September 24, 2012

Daily ReadCompetition…the Key to Excellence

For some the thought of going up against a top competitor makes them nervous, even to the point of quitting or not competing. For others, competition forces them to work harder to win.  Does your competition strike fear in your heart or does it make you better? Some believe competition is the key to excellence and that a lack of competition leads to mediocrity. Maybe the secret is just changing the way you think about your competition. Instead of viewing a staunch competitor as a road block or even worse an automatic check in the loss column, you should use competition to help you become a better salesperson.  Of course having a few tips can make facing your competition easier for anyone.

Tip #1 Know your Competitor – learn their strengths and weaknesses, take pride in knowing more about them than they know themselves. Study each win and loss you have and learn from them.

Tip #2 People Buy You – In sales the most powerful weapon you have in your arsenal is you. Develop stronger, deeper relationships and you competitors will fall to the wayside.

Tip #3 Believe in Yourself – It is perfectly normal to become nervous when facing a top competitor, but fear is energy that you can harness and use to your advantage.  Focus your energy on your actions and keep telling yourself that you are a winner and you have what it takes to win.

By changing your attitude and beliefs about your competitors you will become stronger, faster, and more powerful. And pretty soon it will be you who strikes fear in the heart of others!

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