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Habits of the Highly Unsuccessful

September 25, 2012

Daily Read – Habits of the Highly Unsuccessful

Usually one focuses on the traits of successful businesses, but there are lessons to be learned from businesses that fail to thrive. If you can identify what’s limiting your growth you may generate new ideas of improving your return.  Here are 3 key inhibitors to success:

  1. Believing circumstances are unchangeable – Opportunities always exist, even in difficult circumstances. There are always options. We may need to change our customers, employees or goals.
  2. Lack of Milestones – when we set goals and measureable milestones we can see our successes and get where we want faster.
  3. Lack of Follow-up – once milestones are set in place it is important to go back and reevaluate on a regular basis to make sure the strategy is working and employees are happy.  Adjust or rethink  your goals when needed.

An unsuccessful business doesn’t have to be on the brink of failure, it could be doing marginally well or missing out on huge market potential.  You can steer your business toward growth and success by constantly looking at changing circumstances, setting milestones and performing thorough evaluations.

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