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Are Customers Reading Your Emails?

September 27, 2012

Daily Read – Are Customers Reading Your Emails?

It’s pointless to send emails to prospects if they are being read. But how do you pique their interest enough to get them to open your email?  Here are a few tips (in order starting with most effective):

  1. Have a referral forward your email – email is much more likely to be opened and read if it is received from someone your customer knows.
  2. Cite a referral in the subject line – if you can’t get the friend/acquaintance to forward the email, cite their referral in the subject line (of course make sure to get their permission first!).
  3. Cite a customer’s experience – if you can’t do #1 or #2, cite a happy customer in the subject line (again, with permission first).  For example: “How we saved {customer} 20% of their inventory costs”.
  4. Cite the prospects competitor – if you can’t do #1-#3, cite the competitor along with an interesting fact about the competitor (saving 20% of inventory costs).
  5. Cite potential benefit – if #1-#4 aren’t options, simply cite something that matters to the customer in the subject line (3 ways to save 20% on inventory costs).
  6. Leave subject line blank – this only works if you have a professional email address.
  7. As a last resort – Mimic a response email – for example: “RE: Inventory Costs . Keep the subject line generic.

One additional note, some emails show the first few lines without the entire email being opened, so get to the point quickly!

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One Comment
  1. himynameisivo permalink

    Great post! I have a question – is the length of the e-mail related to the fact whether your customers will read it? I am aware it is a general question, but to me is a bit hard to find the balance between being summarizing shortly the full information I want to present without skipping something important or valuable to the customers.



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