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Why do good teams become dysfunctional?

September 29, 2012

Daily ReadWhy good teams become dysfunctional

Sometimes we find ourselves part of a team that just can’t get things done.  Understanding what causes good teams to become dysfunctional can you get back on track and avoid the pitfalls in the future.  Here are 7 bad habits that can lead you down the wrong path.

  1. Leadership – you need a strong leader that can identify the team’s objective, maintain focus and drive.
  2. Team Members – the prominent word here is TEAM. This is not the place for individual glory.
  3. Defined Goals – and a roadmap to accomplish it.
  4. Equitable Distribution – If one person is going to do everything, why have a team?
  5. Focus – needs to be maintained on the goal, not surrounding general topics. This is where a good leader can help keep meetings and work on track.
  6. Accountability – without it deadlines will be pushed back and focus will be lost.
  7. Decisiveness – this often comes from a strong leader, but can come from any team member. Consider facts, draw conclusions, make a decision.

For more detail read entire article:


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