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Do you miss your small company?

October 1, 2012

Daily ReadKeep the small company feeling as you grow

Most start-ups want to grow, that’s part of your goal and business plan. But often times with growth we lose the small company culture that we first loved and thrived in. It is possible to have a large company and keep the small company feeling…follow these 4 tips to help you “feel” small:

  1. Keep the small-business owner’s perspective – remember what it was like to be small, and the struggles you dealt with; be it struggling with the mundane that kept us from doing what we were passionate about or trying to figure out how to grow. Remembering helps us, help our small customers.
  2. Build a foundation of shared beliefs – and then keep your company’s core beliefs highly visible.
  3. Create open channels of communication – try not to get pigione-holed in your office.  Step out and engage as you did when you were smaller.  Even if it’s as simple as rotating through customer support.  The key is to keep everyone close and in touch with the customer.
  4. Develop company culture outside of the 9-5 hours – you want your employees to love your customers, so love your employees.  Sponsor fun events outside the office too.

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