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Is your boss demanding?

October 2, 2012

Daily ReadAre you a demanding boss?

Great bosses are demanding.  But great bosses also understand that it is important to communicate their expectations clearly so that everyone understands what it takes to make their company succeed. Following are 8 things great bosses demand from their employees.  If communicated clearly – they are the key to long-term success.

  1. Be true to your word – Say what you mean and mean what you say. Follow through and never overcommit.
  2. No surprises, ever – inform the boss if there is bad news.
  3. Be prepared on the details – your boss believes your competent and on top of things so be prepared to answer questions when meeting with the boss.
  4. Take your job seriously – care about what you do and take the time to develop your expertise.
  5. Have your boss’s back – help your boss make well informed decisions and make the decision work regardless if you think it was the right one.
  6. Provide solutions, not complaints – never bring up a problem/complaint unless you have a solution or are willing to take the advice the boss gives you.
  7. Communicate in plain language – speak and write in short sentences with few words; make the point clear and easily understandable.
  8. Know your real job – to make your boss successful. (And your boss’s real job is to make you successful).

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  2. That is right. I am a boss and I am working for other people too.
    I found as a boss, I will ask more than the employee did.


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