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You Deserve Respect!

October 3, 2012

Daily read – You Deserve Respect!

Feeling a little disrespected these days? Our first instinct is probably to blame everyone else, but the reality is we earn respect and the number one way to gain it, is to give it. Regardless of your business title, your ability to earn respect will impact your emotional happiness and ultimately your career trajectory. The old “entitlement” theory diminishes over time, so here are some tips to help you earn respect – rather than demand it!

  • Be consistent, punctual and responsive – you will earn credibility and let people know you value them.
  • Be right a lot of the time, but be comfortable with being wrong – do your homework and know the facts, but in the times that you are wrong, be gracious and happy you learned something new. And by all means show respect to others when they are wrong and right.
  • Forgive others and yourself for mistakes – risk means mistakes. Learn, forgive, move on.
  • Help those who are holding you back, but not too much – help others to learn and succeed, but not habitually. You need to know when to support and when to cut loose.

Remember, your goal should be to leave a positive, personal impact on those around you, one follower at a time.  That is respect.

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