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Do You Want Exceptional Employees?

October 8, 2012

Daily ReadsDo You Want Exceptional Employees?

Silly question?  Maybe, but just because you answer yes (I’m assuming everyone does) doesn’t mean you have an office full of exceptional employees.  So how do you help your employees to develop and grow? Train them!  Here are 5 simple principles to ensure your training has real value:

  1. Teach Skills Not Traits – skills can be taught and learned. We are not trying to change personalities.
  2. Teach the Appropriate Skill – only teach skills that you’re certain will produce tangible results given that employees job.
  3. Reinforce and Support the Skill – whenever you train a skill, make you sure you check back multiple times with the employee and provide added coaching and enforcement as needed.
  4. Implement Skill-based Metrics – what gets measured, gets done.
  5. Consistently Measure Progress – you should be able to see the skills (via the metrics) improve and become second nature.  If you don’t, either you’ve trained the wrong skill, or there is not enough reinforcement and coaching.

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