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Want To Be Happier?

October 10, 2012

Daily ReadWant To Be Happier?

Most articles about being happy outline what you should do, but sometimes the route to happiness depends more on what you don’t do. Take a day and try not to do these 10 things and see how much happier you feel!

  1. Blaming – instead, take responsibility and focus on doing things better and smarter next time.
  2. Impressing –don’t fool yourself; people don’t like you for your car! Build genuine relationships, where you can just be yourself.
  3. Clinging – let go of “the sure thing” and try to reach for and earn what you want. Stepping out of your comfort zone makes you feel better about yourself.
  4. Interrupting – listen to people when you have a conversation. Focus on what they say and engage. They will love you for it and you will love how it makes you feel.
  5. Whining – it makes you feel worse, not better. Put your time and energy into making the situation better.
  6. Controlling – it often requires force, or fear, or authority, or some form of pressure. None of which are good for relationship building.
  7. Criticizing – appreciate the differences instead of shortcomings and you’ll see people in a better light.
  8. Preaching – Criticizing has a brother. His name is Preaching. They share the same father: Judging.
  9. Dwelling – the past is valuable. It is training, but it doesn’t define you.
  10. Fearing – we’re all afraid of what might or might not happen, what we can’t change, what we won’t be able to do or how people might perceive us. Put your fears aside. The only thing you should fear wasting is the most precious asset you have – today.

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