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How to Use Criticism to Improve

October 15, 2012

Daily Read – How to Use Criticism to Improve

Sometimes thinking outside of the box may not get the results you are expecting. Many of the world’s most successful business leaders were criticized — even laughed at –when they first introduced their ideas. Instead of believing the naysayers, use their criticism as motivation to succeed.  Be open to hearing it and then use these steps to let it benefit you:

  1. Detach yourself emotionally – your gut instinct may be to be defensive. Try not to see it as a personal attack, but rather information you could use to strengthen your ideas.
  2. Filter out unproductive feedback – some feedback isn’t going to be productive (look at the critics motives – are they jealous or a competitor?). Trust your gut.
  3. Consult with people you trust evaluate productive criticism (even if it’s harsh) like you would any other business problem. Discuss it with a trusted colleague.
  4. See criticism as an opportunity to improve find creative ways to solve the problem. Use the criticism as a way to adapt and grow.

If you go in with an open mind, your solution may lead to an unexpected innovation.

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