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Do You Know How to Draw the Line Between Being Friends and Being the Boss?

October 16, 2012

Daily Read – Do You Know How to Draw the Line Between Being Friends and Being the Boss?

It’s great to have a working chemistry in the office between the boss and the employees, but how do you keep the professionalism and friendliness without getting too “chummy”? Here are four tips to prevent crossing the line between being a boss and a buddy:

  1. Set a professional tone – lead by example and conduct yourself in the way you want to be treated and viewed by your employees.
  2. Beware of the “overshare” – it’s tough not to engage in conversations involving your personal life – a child’s soccer game, a new pet, etc., but avoid being involved in an employee’s personal problems.
  3. Make corrections – if employees become too informal or share too much information about their personal life, kindly but firmly make a correction (“it’s best if we don’t discuss personal issues at work”).
  4. Get a (personal) life – going out to lunch or having an impromptu birthday celebration in the office is fine, but develop other friendships outside of the office for the weekend. Keep your personal and professional life separate.

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