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Can Video Games Teach us to Manage our Youngest Employees?

October 17, 2012

Daily ReadCan Video Games Teach us to Manage our Youngest Employees?

There has been much discussion on how to best motivate and retain millennial employees. In many ways they are no different than past generations, but there is an unlikely place to look for hints as to how our approach might be slightly different today … video games! Here are four ideas to consider when working with the millennial generation:

  1. They want to understand the larger goal: take the time to explain the purpose, cause and effect of how their role is important. They need a princess or kingdom to save.
  2. They thrive on new experiences: new challenges and skills are what they crave. Once mastered, they are ready to move on to something harder or different.
  3. They look to peers for support: they want to learn from and receive advice from someone who has been or is in the “trenches”. They do not want to be trained by an “expert” that hasn’t been there.    
  4. They like immediate rewards: like a video game player they want to advance to the next level quickly. They want to know what steps they need to take to be recognized.

Use a quarterly review process and small incremental benefits to keep them motivated until a promotion is warranted. Remember, they are really no different from other employees, you just need to look at the job from their perspective.

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