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Business Mentors are Priceless…but How Do You Find Them?

October 18, 2012

Daily ReadBusiness Mentors are Priceless…but How Do You Find Them?

The traditional belief is that a mentor is usually an older, more mature, wiser individual who steps into this somewhat formal role.  Many larger companies have mentoring programs in place, but if you are an entrepreneur there is no perfect place to find someone that will take you under their wings.  So, here are a few myths, that can serve as guidelines to help you find those all too precious mentors!

  1. A mentor must be older than me – don’t discount the young guy sitting at Starbuck’s working on his start-up! A mentor doesn’t need to be older, just wiser than you in the area you need help.
  2. You can only have one mentor – each person you admire professionally will have different things to teach you. Don’t limit yourself to one person!
  3. You need to live near your mentor – with today’s technology, the formality and geography around mentoring is changing. Yes, it’s great to be able to see someone in action, but when location is an issue, email and video conferencing work great!
  4. Being a mentor requires a major time commitment – thanks to email and social media we can now more easily connect with a mentor without taking too much of their time.

If there is someone you would like advice from reach out to them via email and let them know up front you do not expect too much of their time. Modern mentoring relationships can prove to be just as helpful and a lot more convenient for everyone!

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