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Can You Separate “Perfect” from “Productive”?

October 19, 2012

Daily ReadCan You Separate “Perfect” from “Productive”?

We all know, only so much can get done in a 24-hour period. To be more effective, you need to separate being “perfect” from being “productive”. The keys to help make this happen are focusing and planning ahead. To be more productive, you need to choose what you focus your energy and time on (and what not to focus on). Spend more time on activities that will move you closer to your goals and delegate or ignore the tasks that don’t help you get there. Then focus 15-20 minutes of dedicated time on one task at a time, and only one or two tasks a day.  Remember, you are after productivity not perfection.

Plan ahead so that you are prepared for what your day holds that enable you to focus more effectively on the tasks you have scheduled.  No matter how well you prepare, be ready for change.  Nothing ever goes perfectly.

The key to remember is not everything has to be perfect, sometimes, good enough is good enough. We do not have enough time in one day to complete everything to perfection…and that’s okay!

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