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Yes, Friends Can Help Your Business!

October 20, 2012

Daily Read – Yes, Friends Can Help Your Business!

When a company is small you reach out to anyone and everyone that will listen. Anyone is a potential buyer.  But, as you grow your time becomes more precious and it’s no longer possible to talk to everyone, so you must prioritize your opportunities.  Your focus needs to be on potential new leader recruits, top customers, important partners and people who have the potential to impact your business growth the most. So where does that leave your trusted friends and mentors? What if you spent your time with them educating them on your business instead of pitching your business to new customers? Would you get better results? Try this and see how your friends can help your business…

  1. Learn to Prioritize From Your Network – a referral from a trusted relationship or mentor=top priority; a referral from a business relationship=less urgency; other referral=deprioritize or refer.
  2. Educate Your Network – spend most of your time meeting with these trusted relationships and educate them on your business (customers, partners, recruits, etc.) then ask them to suggest meetings for you and referrals.
  3. Ignore Opportunities Outside of Your Network – chasing opportunities outside of your network is time not spent on those in your network .

How you use your network effectively will help you prioritize your time will change the way you build your business.

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