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Do You Have a Ping Pong Table in Your Office?

October 26, 2012

Daily Read – Do You Have a Ping Pong Table in Your Office?

Maybe you should! It’s one way to get your employees excited about work! There are other ways to motivate your employees without paying them more, but you first have to understand why money motivates. It’s all about happiness. Once you get past the minimum food, clothing and shelter, people use their extra money to buy things or do things that make them happy. So, why not make your employees feel good when they’re working? Create opportunities to recognize good performance and connect employees to each other (and the firm). Here’s how:

  1. Let employees reward other employees – when a major goal is accomplished allow employees to formally recognize another employee who provided the most assistance to reaching that goal.
  2. Hold weekly “Quality Assurance” meetings – on a Friday around 5:30 in the back room of a local restaurant. Employees and managers sit where they want and connect with one another as colleagues and friends in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  3. Give perks for performance not position – don’t reserve favored parking spaces and catered off-site meetings for upper  management, allow these perks to be earned through individual performances.
  4. Make work more like a game – creating competition between groups (rather than employees).
  5. Connect employees with happy customers – people feel better about themselves and are happier when they can see what they do is making a positive difference in the world.

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