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Halloween at the Office?

October 27, 2012

Daily ReadHalloween at the Office?

Remember the good ole days of two holes in a sheet for a costume? These days’ costumes can be much different and some are not quite as innocent as decades ago. Yet, Halloween can be a fun time for your employees to relax and have a laugh together. But before you leave things up to the masses, offer your employees some guidelines for a safe and fun time:

  1. Know your business, and allow for exceptions – be prepared for longer meetings (with all the laughter) and a little less productivity.
  2. If you can get away with it, use the word “tasteful” in the costume announcement.
  3. Sexual harassment laws do not take a break for the holidays.
  4. The same goes for hostile work environment laws – be careful about allowing costumes that cross the political or religious line or any other “class”.

Still worried about coming across as the Grinch? You can always not allow them at all. Just remember the idea is to have a little fun, not to host a Halloween party! Once your employees understand this, the guidelines usually come across as quite reasonable.

Read the entire article for additional thoughts!


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