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The Gift of Silence

October 30, 2012

Daily ReadThe Gift of Silence

To most, leadership implies action, movement, discussions and the ability to motivate, but rarely do you think it means silence. Silence is a tactical tool – an opportunity to judge where things are moving, reflect interest, focus or emit a sense of your presence. If misused, it can be disruptive – indicating indifference, boredom or ineptitude.

As a leader, your role is often to collect information, integrate it and bring a sense of harmony. To do this one must create and utilize gaps of silence. Silence allows ideas to be absorbed and emotions to settle. Silence also allows people to sit unthreatened and unchallenged and can give people a feeling of calm and confidence.

Silence is a leadership gift that when used correctly can be a powerful tool!

Read entire article about how silence can be a powerful tool at:



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