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Are you looking for a new way to manage tasks?

November 1, 2012

Daily ReadAre you looking for a new way to manage tasks?

The standard to-do-list might be your go-to form of task management, but the humble list may be flawed and in need of an update. While it seems logical that “dumping” your brain on to paper may help your organization it may actually be a form of stress. Instead of overburdening yourself with a long list of tasks to accomplish (most of which you probably won’t get to in short order) try this:

Take a whiteboard and create 3 columns:

  1. Ready – list (or post-its) of tasks you’re supposed to do
  2. Doing – set a limit (say 3). You cannot start any additional tasks until these are complete (“Done”).
  3. Done – when you complete an item you move it here. That leaves a space open for you to start “doing” another task

Your long to-do-list that was previously daunting now becomes a series of options that you select to do based on highest value. And best of all, your stress goes down and focus and productivity go up. Give it a try!

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