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Want to Jump Start Your Business into Next Year?

November 5, 2012

Daily ReadWant to Jump Start Your Business into Next Year?

Wow! It’s already the 4th quarter and time to start thinking of the coming year. You need to face up to some tough decisions in order to move into next year strong. Here are 3 “kicks in the pants” to get you moving:

Swift Kick No. 1: How can you grow with erratic cash flow? First, complete a real profit/loss statement for Q1-3 of 2012. Second, meet with a CPA to discuss goals, taxes, and liabilities for 2013. Third, set aside 6 months of living and operating expenses.

Swift Kick No. 2: What have you learned — and how long did it take to learn it? Your learning curve is limited by the speed of your feedback cycle. If you can’t easily list what you’ve learned this year, you’re in the slow lane. Experiment more! Brainstorm 5 areas you want to improve and start trying your new ideas now.

Swift Kick No. 3: Are you running your business in the dark? Make sure you’re designing and testing your ideas with real customers and in as real conditions as possible.

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  1. Thanks for the ‘kick’! Not doing all these as well as I could so a couple are now on my list before next year.


  2. great tips!


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