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Need a Mental Detox?

November 6, 2012

Daily Read – Need a Mental Detox?

Do you find yourself struggling to stay on top your mental game? You may need a “brain dump” to get rid of negativity, overwork and anxiety.   We have a tendency to focus our thoughts on problems rather than the good things in our lives. You can reprogram your brain toward the positive and become both happier and more productive! Here’s how:

  1. Pick your top three to-dos and do them first – at the beginning of your day, plan out what you’ll do, and select the 3 most important (not most the time-sensitive) items to complete first.  You’ll feel more productive when you accomplish what’s important.
  2. Look for small improvements and log your successes – Stop trying to be a perfectionist, because discouragement is inevitable. Once you’re discouraged it’s difficult to motivate.  Instead, take 1-minute each day to list 3 things you’ve done well.
  3. Commit to finishing what you start – Why complete 90% of a job and feel “good enough” when you will feel much better if you complete the job 100%.
  4. Commit to getting exercise and rest – studies show that exercise prevents a loss in mental function and aging, and helps reduce stress. Rest is just as important to your mental function. In addition to a full night’s rest (at least every few days), rest your brain one day a week by doing things that are less mentally exhausting.

Remember, 21-days makes a habit – so be patient with yourself, it takes times to change a life-long habit.

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