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It’s All About the Give and Take

November 8, 2012

Daily Read – It’s All About the Give and Take

When you first enter the business world you call on your network for help a lot. You were probably conscious not to stain those relationships by giving as much as you take. As the years pass and you continue to grow your network you may unknowingly slide into selfish relationships taking more than you give. Eventually those relationships may falter when the other person realizes they are not benefiting from the relationship.  We are all guilty of taking more than we give sometimes, so here are three tips to help you become a more generous leader:

  1. Learn more about the person: everyone has life outside of business, so take the time to learn what their struggles, interests and goals are before you ask them for support. This shows them that you care about and understand them.
  2. Share your successes: always follow up and let them know how their help led to your success and thank them! This helps them feel good about helping you.
  3. Ask what you can do to help: the offer is what matters, even if you are less established.  You might help by connecting them with someone, helping them brain-storm or with a skill-based task.

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