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How’s Your Social (Media) Reputation?

November 11, 2012

Daily Read – How’s Your Social (Media) Reputation?

Facebook, Twitter, On-Line Branding, Social marketing, social-networking…it’s all we read about these days. And while we are ultra-conscious of our kids and social media safety, how much thought do we really put into our on-line lives? As helpful and productive as social media can make us through connections and marketing it can be equal damaging to our professional reputation if used improperly. So here is a quick list of ways to avoid destroying your on-line reputation.

  1. Boring posts – Give a fresh perspective or go against the status quo. Add character or humor to your posts to give them interest.
  2. Disrespecting others – this is not the venue to work out your problems. If you receive negative comments, simply delete them and move on. If you want to address it, do so privately.
  3. Failing to promote others – highlight and promote others by tagging, or posting their advice. Endorse others using features on LinkedIn.
  4. Not replying to comments – this is just like ignoring a response to a conversation you started. You need to actively monitor comments and questions on your posts.
  5. Being tagged in questionable photos – untag or delete yourself from any inappropriate or questionable photos.

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