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Go Ahead and Don’t Look Back

November 12, 2012

Daily Read – Go Ahead and Don’t Look Back: Take Risks and Grow!

So many managers and business owners like to maintain control of things in the workplace, which sometimes leads to hesitancy towards new initiatives. Rather than taking on additional projects or proposing innovative ideas that might take your business to the next level, managers and employees tend to hang back and play it safe. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Go button we could push to nudge our people forward? Here are a couple of ideas how to get your employees to push that button:

1. Lead your employees to take risks: take a chance on an employee (even if they’ve never lead a project before) and assign them the task of solving a problem in a new way. This forces them to take risks and come up with innovative ideas or solutions.

2. Devote resources to daring products: if our business is moving forward we tend to stay with the products we have and continue to improve them. Why not try to find a complimentary product or something completely different to add to your product or service line. You have a customer base to work with, you just have to take the plunge and try something new.

Pushing the button can be scary but it can also yield big rewards both internally with your employees’ growth and outwardly with improved sales and bottom line.

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