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Are You a Great Leader? You May Be Distorting Reality

November 13, 2012

Daily ReadAre You a Great Leader? You May Be Distorting Reality

Every great leader possesses a degree of what Walter Isaacson describes as “an ability to distort reality.” This has a positive side – where a leader pushes employees to create things that they never thought possible. It also has a down-side that can lead to tensions and bad decisions. Here are 3 things that great leaders tend to get wrong:

  1. The time needed to do things -Visionary leaders work at such strategic heights that they consistently underestimate how long it actually takes to get stuff done. This will inevitably lead to a frazzled team force producing gum-and-glue solutions.
  2. The relative importance of people and ideas – the tendency to categorize everything–every idea, every person–at extremes. An idea is either brilliant or it sucks. There’s no in-between.
  3. (Inability to comprehend) What other people hear you say – visionary leader who talk to think (as many do), may completely confuse listeners who are unknowingly engaged in a brainstorming sessions, and when the leader moves to instruction-giving mode, they often assume everyone else can read their mind and follow them.

If you find you possess on of these reality-distorting traits, you may need to burst their own bubble to get back in reality, because most likely no one else will or can burst it for you!

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