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Don’t Fall into the Achievement Trap

November 19, 2012

Daily ReadThe Achievement Trap

Great success rests on a belief in yourself and your capacity to do what others deem unthinkable. But, just because you believe you should achieve something, doesn’t mean you will.  When your grandiose self-beliefs trump your ability to execute, you are in the ‘achievement trap’. Here are 4 ways to avoid this common trap:

  1. Practice hardcore hustle – achieving success is the result of massive amounts of effort; intellectual aptitude does not preclude you from the path of hard work.
  2. Get re-inspired –don’t focus only on the glory, focus on what you enjoy and what inspires you. Success will be the likely byproduct.
  3. Be humble – identify where you’re not strong and lean on others. The most successful people are surrounded by a team; they don’t stand alone.
  4. Strive for influence, not power – understand that you have nothing to prove and that possessing power (even perceived) over another person is not success. Inflence in others lives is what you should strive for.

Self-belief is a wonderful thing, but only if punctuated by humility, inspiration and hard work!

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