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So, you think multitasking is making you more productive?

November 20, 2012

Daily ReadSo, you think multitasking is making you more productive?

In our fast paced world, anything we can do to get more done, faster we jump on. Therein lies the beauty of multitasking. The only thing is it really doesn’t work.  When you perform several tasks that each require the same channels of processing in your brain, you can truly only focus on one task at a time. Counter to the common belief, you cannot do two cognitively complicated tasks at once (like writing an email and talking on the phone or driving and texting). The more efficient way to be productive in a short amount of time is to schedule the usage of your time so that you have a minimum amount of interruptions. So, to avoid being scatterbrained or sending an email to the wrong recipient, just focus and get the “job done” before moving onto the next.

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