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Work Less and Get More Done

November 26, 2012

Daily ReadWork Less and Get More Done

Living in overdrive-always pushing yourself to reach your goals, while neglecting your health and well-being will actually cause you to become less productive. Building a business may be hard work- but attempting to go the distance with no gas in the tank is futile. You want to do it all. You want to please everyone and typically put your own needs on the back burner to do so. But you don’t believe that you have the time to relax, eat right, or exercise, do you? Fact is, these things will actually give you more mental and physical energy and the ability to reach your goals. Here are a few simple ways to change your routine and increase your productivity:

  • Get some exercise! Take the stairs instead of elevator, walk the dog or play with the kids – anything to get your blood pumping.
  • Daydream (a form of meditation) for 5-10 minutes instead of running to the vending machine.
  • Snack in small amounts every 2 hours – avoid over or under eating to maintain blood sugar levels.

Forget the myth of self-sacrifice and take these small steps that lead to greater productivity!

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  1. When I worked a 9-5 in an office I remember feeling like I had no time or energy for anything like exercise or downtime. The truth is that exercise can be squeezed in anywhere – especially where you least expect it. Like you mentioned, I also took the stairs in the parking garage, took 8 flight of stairs to my office (and challenged myself to do this at least 2 times a day) and when I could I would walk to work. The days I did this I felt so much more alert and awake.


    • Thanks for the comment!


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