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Conflict –It’s a Good Thing

November 27, 2012

Daily ReadConflict –It’s a Good Thing

Much to most business leader’s imagination, striving to be a conflict free organization where everyone works in harmony is not good business sense. Most companies have a large diversity of personalities and talents working together, so conflict is not just natural – it’s productive. The key is knowing how to handle it well. The big problem with conflict isn’t conflict itself but the fear and anger it invokes when left unresolved. Here are a few tips to help you make conflict “work” for your company:

  • Do not avoid the problem: accept that conflicts are inevitable. Take the initiative to manage the conflict right away.
  • Use neutral language and avoid emotion: in order to help your employees work out disagreements, you must remain neutral. Steer your employees away from using judgmental or condescending remarks. Be respectful and sincere, never sarcastic.
  • Tackle the issue at hand: focus on the specific conflict and resolving it. Avoid sweeping generalizations such as “You never meet a deadline”. Listen actively and understand each person’s angle or perspective.
  • Agree on goals: managing the conflict will be much more successful when all parties are in agreement of the goal you are trying to achieve. Once an agreement is made, everyone must be fully committed and accepting of the decision.

Once you have gained the skills of how to handle conflict, you can begin to see the benefits of increased creativity and happiness in your workforce.

For more thoughts on conflict resolution in the workplace read: and





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