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So, You Think You Were Born to Lead?

November 28, 2012

Daily ReadSo, You Think You Were Born to Lead?

Leadership isn’t forever or for everyone. Yet, many leaders remain in power unless a clear mistake derails their tenure or they struggle to remain fully committed to the challenges of leadership. You owe it to yourself to honestly determine if your leadership role has run its course. Here are 6 patterns that signal it’s time to move on:

  1. You can’t or won’t fire your friends.
  2. You remove yourself from certain responsibilities or the “peripheries” of your organization-we all prefer some task more than others, but turning a blind eye or ignoring problems and confrontations is a sign.
  3. You believe you are indispensable- You want to be valuable, but make sure your organization can function without you. If you think you are irreplaceable it’s a sign.
  4. You have stopped seeking your mentors advice and asking close associates to challenge you.
  5. You do not take responsibility for negative actions of the company
  6. Your (earnest) heart tells you that you are no longer striving to learn, grow and to be leadership worthy.  (Ask yourself this in a time of quiet solitude)

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