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Are you a “Control Freak”?

December 1, 2012

Daily Read – Are you a “Control Freak”?

You probably know you can’t grow your business all on your own, but for some people it’s really hard to let go and trust others to help you. Learning how to effectively delegate is crucial to growing a business and keeping your sanity (and a life outside of work).  It’s easier than you may think; here’s how:

  1. Everything Can Be Delegated – stop thinking you are the only one who can perform a certain task – that is why you have hired competent personnel.
  2. Make a List of Tasks to Be Delegated – start with a list of all things you do on a daily basis and choose which ones can be done by someone else once properly trained. Focus on redundant (weekly, monthly, etc.) tasks.
  3. Prepare Specific Directions – briefly explain the task, the purpose and the goal, then list detailed step-by-step instructions, including deadlines/timeframe. Leave nothing unexplained.
  4. Conduct an Assignment Meeting – be efficient – present them with the task, duties, listed assignment and make sure before you leave they fully understand the assignment. Set up a specific time for follow-up.
  5. Follow Your Schedule – resist the urge to follow-up early unless it is obvious that you need to.

You will find your personal productivity will increase and you will be able to focus on what you want to – building your business.

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