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Which High School Stereotype Were You?

December 2, 2012

Daily ReadWhich High School Stereotype Were You?

Every movie involving high school plays up dramatic stereotypes of cliques and groups that rely on their members’ interests, looks, or personalities. No matter your group in high school, at some point you interacted with those of another clique. This is when your PR skills started to form (little do you know your H.S. interactions would have anything to do with your future career!). Here are 4 classic HS stereotypes and their PR equivalent:

The popular kids: Crisis communicators – constantly on their toes and combatting negative press (traditional or otherwise) at every pass. (Think of the “Mean Girls” movie).

The jocks: Executives – They rule the school, often with an iron fist. Of course they can also be jocks with hearts of gold, such as Emilio Estevez’s character from “The Breakfast Club”.

The nerds: Social media’s early adopters – usually the unsung hero. While the executives (jocks) are ridiculing them for not focusing on what’s important, they’re laying the foundation for fame, fortune, and success in the future.

The new kid: Young PR pros – They’re faced with new challenges every day; sometimes they navigate these challenges with skills, other times they stumble. But never estimate a new PR professional with a good attitude, a lot of enthusiasm, and some skill.

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One Comment
  1. haha.. I was a nerd.. no wonder I have a blog as an ‘early social media’s adopter’ 😀


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