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Are You a Gen Y Entrepreneur Wannabe? You May Want to Get a Real Job First

December 3, 2012

Daily ReadAre You a Gen Y Entrepreneur Wannabe? You May Want to Get a Real Job First

Gen Y is destined to become the most entrepreneurial generation in history, according to several surveys and labor statistics. I guess the thought is, since there’s very few jobs anyway, why not get out there and make it happen on your own? Here’s the problem – every generation deals with the same problems (recession, no jobs, student loan debt, new technology, etc.) and has had to learn to deal with the problem and grow from it. The best leaders and entrepreneurs in the business have some business background and experience and here’s why:

  1. Strong careers are built on solid foundations – a job gives you a foundation in business fundamentals, management skill, organization processes and good business practices.
  2. Mentoring is a higher priority in bigger companies – and this is extremely helpful for an entrepreneur.
  3. Exposure breeds opportunity – working in a larger company first exposes you to a wide range of markets, job functions, and companies. Without this, you will have a narrow perspective.
  4. It’s easier to do anything after you know how it works – from marketing to accounting to human resources to managing growth. Sure you can learn from trial and error, but why not learn from the experience of others too.
  5. Timing is everything – learn the business ropes, develop a foundation and gain some exposure. Then, you’ll be well equipped to make smart decisions and achieve career success.

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