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Why Did the Coach Go to the Bank?

December 6, 2012

Daily ReadWhy Did the Coach go to the Bank?

To get his quarter back! Recruitment and personnel management are two things we can learn a lot about from pro sports. The principles are the same – “to beat the other guy”. But how do you grab more market share and rise above your competitors? You need an edge, and that edge is a high-quality team. Here’s how pro sports teams improve and develop their team and you should too:

  1. Recruit Differently – Business owners should understand how their competitors recruit employees, and then craft a strategy that recruits individuals with undervalued skill sets.
  2. Manage Your Roster – Business owners should enhance their review process. Invest more resources into ongoing professional training sessions and regular performance evaluations in order to identify new/untapped skills.
  3. Admit When You’ve Made a Mistake – Admitting that you’ve made a wrong move takes a lot of courage but it can save your business in the long run. Hiring mistakes are inevitable – you need to recognize the mistake early and replace the talent with a “player” that’s a better fit for the company.

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