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When Do You Need to Market Your Brand to Your Employees?

December 7, 2012

Daily Read – When Do You Need to Market Your Brand to Your Employees?

If you’re like a lot of young start-ups who have grown quickly in the past few years, you may be making a lot of changes externally and internally. Change is good, but change can be difficult and even scary. What growing and changing looks like to your customers is completely different than what it looks like to your employees. At some point you are going to have to market your ideas internally to get your staff on board with your new direction and goals. Here are 3 strategies to help you:

  1. Get people excited about the new product. The trick is to excite everyone while having them still manage the old stuff. Involving your staff in the goals and new brand development is helpful.
  2. Get people excited about a new brand. Helping them understand what you will be offering and the big picture will help them understand the heart of the new brand and will help shift their love and support from the old one to the new.
  3. Get people to think different. The old ways of doing business can’t be the baseline. You need to “re-train the brain” in all of your team members, so that they think about asking what used to be the impossible … now instead of tomorrow.

If your company is making drastic changes in its direction, marketing internally may be even more important that what your customers will ultimately see. And getting your team on board and excited will continue to keep you excited and push you forward with your new goals.

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