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Is Procrastination Your Middle Name?

December 9, 2012

Daily Read Is Procrastination Your Middle Name?

Every minute of every day counts when growing your business or working on a specific deadline. But just because you have a task list a mile long doesn’t mean you are motivated. Actually, sometimes a long to-do list makes it even more difficult to move forward because you have to decide where to start. Here are 4 tips to curing procrastination:

  1. Narrow your focus. Break projects down, step by step, and schedule an exact amount of time to complete each one. Start with the tasks that are the easiest.
  2. Reward yourself for meeting your goals. Connecting activities you dis-like with those you like will be incentive to do a task.
  3. Hold yourself publicly accountable. Knowing others are watching you will help prevent you from making excuses.
  4. Don’t lose momentum. As Newton’s first law of motion says, an object in motion stays in motion. Once you start a task, you’re much more likely to keep working until you finish.

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