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Keep the Authenticity in Your Business

December 10, 2012

Daily ReadKeep the Authenticity in Your Business

People fall in love with small brands because they feel a connection – something personal. As a business grows one of the greatest challenges is maintaining that authenticity.   The ability to maintain the authenticity of the brand is directly related to the importance we place on sticking to our core values such as customer service, giving back, and innovation. Your core values are what your business is built on and the strong foundation it will grow on. Here are 3 ways to exercise and grow your core values:

  1. Customer service is top priority.  Customer service can take on many forms – from knowledgeable employees who can answer consumers’ questions to the age-old mantra the customer is always right. Whatever your approach, making customer service a priority will pay off.
  2. A commitment to giving back. Giving back shows authenticity in two ways: first, it shows you care about more than just the success of your business; second, it gives your business a bit of a personality.
  3. Continue to innovate. Innovation keeps you ahead of the competition, and it keeps your products fresh and relevant.

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