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Keep it “Short and Sweet” and you’ll get the message across

December 11, 2012

Daily Read – Keep it “Short and Sweet” and you’ll get the message across

More words are necessary for diplomacy or when trying to clarify a point, but in this always-on digital age “more” often dilutes or complicates your message. To communicate more meaningfully you need to cut back and keep it short. Here’s how:

  1. Get to the point. In a voicemail, just state your name, quickly explain your reason for calling and give the person a call-to-action. Do they need to call you back or is this just an FYI? Let them know.
  2. 3 is a magic number. Narrow everything down to the three most important points. Usually, once the top three points are listed, all the other info is extraneous or redundant.
  3. Use bullets. Today’s readers want to scan for what they need to know. Bullets communicate information quickly. Use concise phrases instead of complete sentences.
  4. Keep meetings focused. Make sure the meetings goals are clear and keep the time under 30 minutes to maintain a sense of urgency and focus.

Being brief in your communications requires you to stop and think about what to say and how to communicate the most important things.

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